Issue #5

With the help and will of our God, I am introducing this new website to serve as both a forum and platform to improve the quality and the process of making the Korban at the Coptic Orthodox Churches around the world. This website is managed and operated by the Bakery R&D Consulting Company (BRDCC), a company that offers research and development services to the baking industry in the USA and abroad.

The goal and mission of the website is to serve as a place to exchange knowledge and practices between the people actually making the Korban to improve the make-up procedures, eating quality, appearance and uniformity of the finished baked Korban.

The website will include technical articles, present video clips to illustrate how and why we perform special steps during the process.

         In an effort to improve the process of making the Orban at a very reasonable cost, the BRDCC company invented a simple, safe and easy to use a single stamp, rotary cutter and vertical press that cut, stamp and pierce the dough in the same time . The three devices were covered by US patent. It is at least 15 times faster than the hand operation and can be used manually and /or mechanically.  These new devices form the Orban dough either from sheeteddough ( slap) or dough balls. These devices were developed to be semi-automated, because some OrbanMaking volunteers expressed the desire to continue having the blessing of touch up the dough during the process. However,  the BRDCC has a fully automated design for Cathedrals, and central large churches for future requests. Most automated equipment is available already in the market place. Example of these equipment are overhead proofer, moving belts and tunnel and rack ovens.

UPDATED News AS OF 1/1/2016

In an earlier update on 8/1/2015, I announced the completion of the R & D WORK and the rewards of the patents that covers all the devices that developed for this project.  Since then, through the grace of our lord, I was awarded 2 patents issues from the US patent office #’s US 9/044.025 and 9/044.026 for the rotary cutter and the vertical press devices respectively And the same thing with the Canadian patent office with #’s CA 28320270and 3833629 respectively.  IN addition my company was able to identify 2 places to produce the rotary cutter and supply the special sheeter (production table). The first place is in Illinois State and specialized in making the Rotary cutter, and the second place is in Iowa State and specialized in making the automatic sheeter (production table).  Although, we tested these 2 pieces of equipment in a test bakery in new jersey, and the tests were very successful my agreement with these 2 places is to test these equipments in the churches for 30 days by the servants who actually making the orban  before any final commitment has to be made.

Aiming not to profit from this project, I donated the most expensive items in any R & D project which is my time and the consulting fees to the Coptic Orthodox Church.  Therefore the church cost came up to very attractive/affordable price as follows: $1600 for the 8 cups rotary cutter, $2600 for the 16 cups, $1990 for the vertical press and the single stamp $99.