A small but very effective and successful firm that provides research and development services to the baking industry in the USA and abroad. Specialized in baked and fried products, bakery dry mixes and frozen dough. Extensive work on low carbohydrate and/or free trans fat product. Experienced in product development, pilot plant testing, process changes, manufacturing trouble-shooting and market introduction.

The founder and the president of the company is Mr. Michel T. Bakhoum who immigrated to the USA in 1970 from Egypt, after had graduated from Cairo University and working for the government for few years. He earned a B.S. degree in Agricultural Chemistry from Cairo University and M.S. degree in Baking Science and Engineering from Kansas State University (KSU), USA in 1978. After graduation from the Grain Science and Industry Department at KSU, he joined and had increased R&D responsibilities with three major food companies, Pillsbury, Sara Lee and Quaker Oats Companies. He had an early retirement in 1998 from Quaker Oats as a senior research scientist and internal consultant on all the grain based products issues, to establish his own consulting company (BRDCC ).

Some of the projects and companies that Mr. Bakhoum worked on as a senior research scientist at Quaker Oaks and as the principal consultant of the BRDCC included but not limited to:

  • McDonald’s Corporation: Developed a frozen hotcake product for McDonald’ s corporation.  This product was developed to stand 3 freeze/thaw cycles and reheated in the microwave before serving to the consumer and still has the same eating quality of the fresh product off the griddle. Participated as the scientist on the team that was responsible for establishing central plant and operation in Louisville , Kentucky to make and deliver the product to McDonald’s stores nationwide.
  • McDonald’s Corporation: Developed a frozen biscuit product line for McDonald’ s corporation in a central location that was distributed frozen to the stores nationwide. The product was developed to match the fresh product made of dry mix in the stores and served right off the griddle to the consumer.
  • The Nutra Sweet Company: Developed the bakery applications for the new Neotame intense sweetener.
  • Rich’s Products company: Troubleshooted a cake operation for product quality and improving shelf life.
  • US Market Development Group: Assisted Pascual Company in the Republic of Panama to develop a complete line of no sugar cookies and fillings and reduce cost of cracker and wafer items.
  • Modesto School District, California: Developed complete lines of low fat and low sugar bakery and snack items that meet the SB12 state requirements.
  • General Mills: participated in solving a major formula and process issues with the refrigerated dough products
  • National Starch: Consulted on Clean Label Emulsifier project. By identifying different enzymes to replace their emulsifier systems.

Mr. Bakhoum’s Publicationes included 5 Patents, Patent # WO/1996/003885 – Additive for the Preparation of Microwaveable Products. Patent # WO/1999/030566 – Use of Intense sweetener In Baked Goods, Frosting and Bakery Filling, US patent  #9,044,025,  Canadian patent # 28,320,270 and 3833629 and Egyptian  patent # 84-2013 – A mechanism to cut, imprint and pierce a bread sheeted dough.

Also, he Contributed Chapters 8 &12 on griddle bakery products for The Baking Science and Technology text book 2009 edition.

Mr. Bakhoum is affiliated with the American Society of Baking, American Association of Cereal Chemists And Institute of Food Technologists.